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Love what you make.

Love where you work.

That's Nikki Ray.

Lakefront Luxury

Shut It Off ASAP

Griff's Canadian Adventure

Always exceptional.

Nikki Ray Media Agency is a production company that prioritizes people and originality. We tell our stories around the world and entertain viewers across a wide variety of genres and categories. We specialize in producing the extraordinary at an exceptionally high level.

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Extreme Ice Machines

Handmade Hotels

Best Cake Wins

Always original.

Everything we make is original. Every new idea and concept is an opportunity for greatness. There is always a next new big show and we continually strive to create it. It starts with curiosity and is fuelled by passion and discipline. At every stage of development and production we seek to be better. We work collaboratively together. Companies don’t make shows. People do.

Home To Win

Hot Market

Great Canadian Cottages

Always collaborative.

Nikki Ray works collaboratively and creatively with its partners to produce content that meets (and exceeds) needs and strategies. All of our relationships are long-standing and built on trust, communication and results. Our goal as a company is to make amazing television and to be a joy to work with it. We value creativity. We value originality. We value kindness. Love what you make. Love where you work.

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